Sydnor Missionary Update


Staying in touch about our refugee ministry in France
Visiting in the States  
We will be visiting family, friends and supporters in the States from Oct 8-Dec 8. We thank God for all those who make our work possible and we hope to see as many people as possible.  
I've included our schedule below of when and where we will be visiting to share about our work. We are still hoping to confirm visits with several other churches. If we are nearby please get in touch to see if we can arrange a visit. 
10/1 - First Congregational Church, Hamilton, MA
10/15 - Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Lynchburg, VA
10/22 - Blacksburg Christian Fellowship, Blacksburg, VA
10/29 - First Presbyterian Church, South Boston, VA
11/1 - First Presbyterian Church, Hendersonville, NC
11/4 - Lancaster Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, NY
11/8 - Middle Sandy Presbyterian Church, Homeworth, OH (tentative)
11/19 - High Bridge Presbyterian Church, Natural Bridge, VA
11/19 - New Concord Presbyterian Church, Rustburg, VA  (evening)
11/26 - Third Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA
Ministry in Northern France

Ten months ago, the authorities evacuated the camp in Calais where nearly 10,000 refugees had gathered. These people were placed across France in temporary living quarters. Many have begun to come back to Northern France and are in more desperate situations than before.  
Pray for us as we follow God into these difficult places. Pray for us also as we prepare to open a centre in Lille.   
Below is a video report about what's been happening in Lille. The man I interview in the photo video below contacted me to help him with his 'education project'. He has enrolled in day school for job certification. I am trying to help him find ways to pay for it. He illustrates how refugees contribute to society as motivated learners and initiators.   

Lille Update 2017
Lille Update 2017

New Teammates Join our Team
Ongoing refugee work is too large for anyone to do alone. It needs the combination of a committed team, volunteers and local churches all pulling together. Toward this end, We have teammates now planning to join us in Northern France.   
We thank God for Michael and Heather Jurrens along with their four children who will be joining our team as soon as they raise their funding.  Last weekend Reinhild and I visited the Jurrens at Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester, MN. 
The photo shows me along with a friend from Germany, Marcel Fink, as we visit with Michael (front right).

In the video link below, I give a short introduction to the work that Mike and Heather will join in Northern France.  
Paul Sydnor, European regional leader, International Association for Refugees, Autumn Ridge Church, September 2017 
Paul Sydnor, European regional leader, International Association for Refugees, Autumn Ridge Church, September 2017
From Gravity to Grace...

I completed my doctorate work this past month after a couple revisions and a lot of hard work. The title: From Gravity to Grace: Finding A Redemptive Voice among displaced Christians in Europe.
I did this work through the Oxford Centre of Mission Studies which was begun by John Stott thirty years ago to bring Christians together from around the world to reflect on global issues. My supervisor was Daniel Groody of Notre Dame who has helped to raise the importance of a faith understanding in refugee studies.  
My aim in this work has been to explore and understand the theological foundations that my refugee work has been based on for nearly 30 years. My hope is that it will be a catalyst for greater awareness of God's work among the nations and that it will complement the practical and relevant nature of faith-based refugee work.  
Below is a photo of the abstract that describes what I have written about.  
   Organization & Financial Details

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