Our Current Deacons:

Jeni Willoughby, Current Moderator
Laura Blondino
Autumn Hollingsworth
Lorraine Rea
Christina Bennett
Mary Catherine Harrison
Curt Cope
Doug Brownson

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The deacons of the Forest Presbyterian Church are committed to caring for the members of the church and of the community. Each deacon has several households within the church for which they are responsible and offers care and support of these individuals. 

Not to be served, But to serve.
Matthew 20:28

The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ.

“It is the duty of deacons, first of all, to minister to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.”
— Constitution, Presbyterian Church (USA)

As our church family grows, we strive to:

Deacons head a program to provide meals to church families when the need occurs.  The meal is prepared and delivered to those who are ill or who can benefit from this care.
Grief Care
When a death occurs, the deacons aid the individuals and families with meals, transportation and any other support that is helpful.
Ambassador Program
A deacon is available in the commons area following each church service to ensure everyone is warmly welcomedto Forest Presbyterian Church.
Community Enrichment
The deacons sponsor programs that provide information on issues that challenge us today. The deacons support the American Red Cross through periodic blood drives and sponsor an active Health Ministry Team to encourage and support healthy living and wellness. In cooperation with the mission ministry team, the deacons also sponsor periodic food collections to support local area food banks.
Rose Buds
The deacons place a white rose bud in the chancel following the birth or adoption of a new baby to a church member family.