Speakers' Corner

We're delighted to bring you some content from other internet sites that can prove to stir your soul, and give additional spiritual food to consider. The idea of Speakers' Corner comes from a location in Hyde Park in London, where people are encouraged to stand up on their soap box and talk to any person or group who happens by about things which matter to them.

While the speakers and sources below are nationally known and well-proved, Forest Presbyterian Church does not control the content, or necessarily subscribe to every theological point on these sites. As always, we believe the Bible is our key source for faith, doctrine, and conduct. Give a listen or read to some of our current "guest speakers" and writers:

Charles Colson's Breakpoint Audio and Two Minute Warning Videos

John Ortberg and Staff at Menlo Park Presbyterian

Chuck Swindoll's Insight for Living

Joni Eareckson Tada's Daily Devotional

If you have recommendation for additional Speakers' Corner websites, send them to web@forestchurch.org